CRI's Kerinia Cusick on Grid Geeks

Listen to Kerinia Cusick discussing the work CRI is doing to allow energy storage and distributed energy resources participate on the grid as transmission assets. 

A link to Grid Geeks podcast is here. Grid Geeks is hosted by Sara Baldwin Auck.

From the Grid Geeks blog:

The two sides of the grid – the transmission system and the distribution system – have distinct approaches to planning, operations, data collection, and modeling to determine future grid needs. In addition, the two systems are governed and regulated by different entities, each with unique missions and objectives. The growth of consumer-driven distributed resources and state policies are reshaping the distribution system and compelling the need to bridge the gap between the two sides of the grid. Yet, technical, policy and regulatory barriers challenge this union. In this episode of Grid Geeks, we will explore what is happening to better connect the two sides of the grid and examine what is needed going forward to expedite the transition to a more modern electric grid. 

To help us unpack all of this Kerinia Cusick, Team Leader and Co-Founder of the Center for Renewables Integration, provides us with more insights on the components of transmission planning, and how these plans are beginning to interact and intersect with the distribution planning efforts.