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Alternative Transmission Solutions: A Roadmap to the CAISO Transmission Planning Process

Authors: Jon Wellinghoff, Kerinia Cusick, Lorenzo Kristov, Ernesto Enriquez

March 2018

The objective of this work is to enable the use of technologies such as distributed generation, energy storage and load control to be selected, compensated and used as transmission assets when they are found to be more effective and efficient solutions to transmission system needs. This report builds on previous analysis of relevant FERC regulations and the Federal Power Act (FPA), published in November, 2017.

The objective of this report is twofold. The first is to understand CAISO's transmission planning process and limitation or constraints that lead the ISO towards selecting traditional "wires-based" solutions. The second is to identify adjustments required to enable new processes that augment CAISO's options and allow the ISO to select alternative such as renewable distributed generation, energy storage and load control, all of which fall into the category of preferred resources in California. 

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Alternative Transmission Solutions: 

An Analysis of the Emerging Business Opportunity for Advanced Transmission Technologies and FERC-Driven Requirements on Transmission Planning and Selection

Authors: Jon Wellinghoff & Kerinia Cusick.

November 2017

This analysis is written to help transmission planning break out of the past by:

  • Informing interested parties of the emerging business opportunity to propose alternative transmission solutions in ISO/RTO transmission planning proceedings;
  • Analyzing the Federal Power Act and FERC regulations that require review of those alternatives and authorize ISO/RTOs to choose and compensate cost-effective advanced transmission technologies for transmission services; and
  • Identify remaining areas of policy ambiguity and support stakeholders, FERC, ISO/RTOs, and state commission staff working on these issues.

Link to webinar recording is available here

Energy Storage Misconceptions

June 12, 2017

Cost-competitive energy storage is viewed as a "game changer" in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution industries. As such, grid-connected storage is getting an increasing amount of attention from legislators and regulators. At the same time, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding energy storage. CRI works with policy makers and we frequently find ourselves answering questions about technological maturity of energy storage, its applicability, and economic competitiveness. This white paper is designed to clarify a few of the common misperceptions that we’ve encountered, specifically questions surrounding cost, commercial availability, cost competitiveness.

CRI Filing: Comments on DC MEDSIS Staff Report

April 10, 2017

The District of Columbia Commission launched an effort in 2015 to modernize the distribution energy delivery system for increased sustainability (MEDSIS). Commission Staff issued a report in 2017, identifying potential barriers requiring Commission action and laying out recommendations for the use of the MEDSIS Pilot Project Fund ($21.55M). CRI's filing suggests changes to a few definitions, priorities for the use of MEDSIS fund resources, and identifies additional issues for Commission consideration in order to host high levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) on the DC grid.